How To: Turn on rollerblades

Turn on rollerblades

In this how-to video, you will learn how to turn while riding on rollerblades. Start out by going into the ready position with forward momentum. Look into the direction you are going to turn. Keep your body over your skates. Push on the opposite leg of the direction you want to go. This will allow your outside leg to swing around. There is another turn you can try out that is faster but much more unstable. As you are moving, slowly move one skate forward and the other backwards. Pretend you are holding a box, look into the direction you are turning, and move your shoulders and box to that direction. As your body turns and you lean on the forward skate, you will turn. Lastly, you can try a crossover turn. Go into a glide and step with your forward foot over your front skate. If you turn left, your right foot is in front. You will learn how easy it is to turn on rollerblades with this video.

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