How To: Rollerblade in 4 steps

Rollerblade in 4 steps

In this video, a young boy explains some beginners tips for learning to rollerblade. First start by standing still on the rollerblades. Then try lifting your feet up and down in place, to get a feel for the balance. To move forward, lean forward a little bit and move the skates by pushing them from side to side, back and forth. To jump on rollerblades, skate forward quickly in a straight line and jump with two feet. To twirl on rollerblades, skate forward and point both toes outward, which will make you turn quickly. He demonstrates how to use a different kinds of step to turn. He demonstrates how to use the brake on the rollerblade. This video will help get you started on rollerblades if you're a beginner.

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What a cutey pie :) And a good skater :)

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