How To: Stop on rollerblades

Stop on rollerblades

Learning to skate is one thing, but learning to stop is just as important. In this tutorial Patrick Eaves will walk you through the three different methods of stopping on your inline skates. The first method is the "snow plow". This method is recommended for beginners and only at slow rates of speed. To stop, slowly point your toes towards each other until you come to a rest. The second method is the "heel stops". On the back of one of your skates, usually the right, is a brake pad. When you are ready to start slowing down, slight raise the toes on the foot your brake stop is on until you are still. The third method, and most advanced method, is the "t stop". When you are ready to stop, transfer the majority of your weight to the foot that will be remaining in the front. Pull up your other foot and place it perpendicular to the one in front. It is very important you ensure it is making a perfect "T" shape, otherwise it will cause you to turn. Drag the wheels behind you until you come to a stop.

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