How To: Replace rollerblade wheels

Replace rollerblade wheels

In this how-to video, you will learn how to replace rollerblade wheels. You will need a skate tool. For each wheel, there is a place to put an Allen wrench. Undo these screws and make sure you do not lose them. Take the screws out, enabling you to also remove the wheel. Do this for each wheel. Remove the space from the wheel. Also, make sure the wheels are well rounded. If it is not, you should rotate the wheel. Push out the bearings with the Allen wrench or another tool. With the new wheel, place the bearing and spacer back inside. Place the wheel back in. Make sure it is aligned before putting the screw back in. Viewing this video shows how easy it is to replace a rollerblade wheel.

Replace rollerblade wheels

Replace rollerblade wheels Click through to watch this video on

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